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What is the schedule of events?

  • March 28: Tickets sales open for the May 11, 2023 event

  • March 28: Registration opens for the Online Auction

  • April 20: Raffle tickets will be available for sale while supplies last! 

  • May 3: Online Auction opens. Guests will be able to bid on or directly purchase exciting auction packages.

  • May 9: Online Auction closes.

  • May 11: In-person, under the Big Tent evening event.

    • 6:00 PM Doors open at Friend Raiser!

    • 8:00 PM Live program with live auction and special appeal.

    • 10:00 PM Friend Raiser ends.

What COVID19 Health Protocols will be in place at the In-Person Event? 

  • Friends of the Children - Portland is committed to hosting a safe event for the public. We will be following all county and government requirement guidelines and encourage compliance with recommended guidelines.


Learn how to register in this quick tutorial

How do I register for Friend Raiser?

  • First, decide what parts of Friend Raiser you would like to register for: Online Auction and/or the May 11 event.  

  • Registering for the Online Auction will allow you to place bids on online auction items. Register for the Online Auction by clicking here. You will be directed to our Greater Giving site. 

    • Click "Get Started." 

    • Click "Create Account" to enter your email address. 

    • Enter your email address and you will receive a verification email from Greater Giving. Complete the steps in the email to register, including adding your credit card information and phone number (where you can receive text message reminders and notifications when you have been outbid). 

    • Once you've completed registration, you will be redirected to the Greater Giving page. Click the gavel to start bidding! 

  • If you would like to attend the in-person event on May 11, 2022, purchase your tickets now

    • Folks who purchase tickets to the In-Person event will NOT automatically be registered for the Online Auction running May 3 – May 9. Please register for the Online Auction if you would like to participate in that element as well. 

Who do I contact if I’m having issues with online bidding?

  • We are here to help you! Between now and May 9th, please email or call us at (503) 281-6633 with your question, contact information and your availability for a staff person to return your call.  

  • If you are having trouble bidding, you can view this video tutorial or email with questions you have. 

Is my donation anonymous?

  • When you bid on a package, purchase a buy now package, or gives to the special appeal in the Online Auction, your name will show.

  • During the in-person event, bidders will be using their bid numbers to bid on a package, purchase a buy now package, or give to the special appeal in the Online Auction.


When can I expect to receive the packages I purchased?

  • This applies to auction packages purchased from the Online Auction AND at Friend Raiser. We will have pickup on Friday, May 12th from 11 AM to 4 PM. If you purchased a planted item, we strongly encourage you to pick up the plants ASAP as we will not guarantee staff being able to care for the plants. The location will be Friends of the Children - Portland’s parking lot located on 65 NE Stanton St. Staff will help load your items into your car. Certificates will be given out with the rest of your purchases on Friday and Saturday. If you are unable to pick up any items or need to make other arrangements, please contact Amy Prince at 503-407-0747 or email her at

  • Please note that we are unable to ship any wine or alcohol and any packages with these items in them will need to be picked up in person by an adult 21+. 



How do I pay for my auction purchases and paddle raise from the Online Auction?  

  • Your registered credit card will be charged after a thorough review of all sales and payments. You can make alternative payment arrangements by emailing us at

How do I pay for my auction purchases and paddle raise from Friend Raiser?

  • When you purchase your ticket to the In-Person Event, you will have an option to save your credit card information for easier registration on the night of the event. Friend Raiser guests will have another opportunity to provide a credit card during event registration. This will be the credit card associated with your account, and it will be charged for auction purchases and paddle raises on May 24 unless other arrangements are made. 

When will credit cards be charged?

  • Credit cards on file will be charged May 24 for all purchases and contributions made to Friend Raiser unless we have been instructed to handle your payment another way. All sales, pre-payments, and charges are reviewed before being processed. If you have questions or would like to make special payment arrangements, please email

How do I make alternative payment arrangements? 

  • We are happy to accommodate arrangements for alternative payment options.  Please email by Wednesday, May 17 to let us know how you would like to handle your statement and charges. If you have registered a credit card, your card will not be charged, and your account will be set up for your preferred payment method.

  • Please note that Donor Advised Fund contributions can be used for special appeal contributions, but cannot be used to pay for auction items, raffle tickets, or other event purchases. Please consult with your fund administrator or advisor for more information. 

How do I coordinate gifts of stock or getting my employer to match my donation?   

  • We appreciate gifts of stock and corporate employer matching gifts! Please contact to learn more about these giving opportunities. 

Do I have to give during the live event? Can I get a proxy bidder?   

  • Your registered credit card will be charged after a thorough review of all sales and payments. You can make alternative payment arrangements by emailing us at

Can I make a gift through my donor advised fund?

  • If you plan to make a contribution using your Donor Advised Fund, please let us know before May 11th. Please note the following IRS guidelines around event giving through a Donor Advised Fund: 

  • Donor Advised Fund contributions cannot be used to purchase auction packages, raffle tickets, or any items. 

  • Special Appeal contributions can be made using your Donor Advised Fund. Please contact to let us know and make arrangements. 

  • A Donor Advised Fund contribution cannot be used to pay for a pledge for a Special Appeal contribution or other event donation. In order to ensure that your contribution is processed according to Donor Advised Fund guidelines, please contact us at to make arrangements. 

  • We appreciate gifts of stock and corporate employer matching gifts! Please contact to learn more about these giving opportunities. 

When will I receive my statement, invoice, or receipt?

  • Statements for auction purchases and special appeal contributions will be sent Friday, June 2nd to the contact information that you provide during registration. If you have any requests for your invoice or statement, please let us know at by Friday, May 20. 

  • To request an invoice or receipt for an event sponsorship or donated auction item, please email us at


Thank you for joining us at 2023 Friend Raiser and standing alongside our youth no matter what!

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